How to Use Pool Vacuum Perfectly and Easily

Vacuuming a pool is a standard job to be performed by everyone who has a pool in the house.

Vacuuming the pool on a regular basis will make sure that the water is clean and safe to swim in.

There is no doubt that an above ground pool would not need too much of maintenance but it would certainly need some attention to keep the water clean.

You always have the option of buying a pool cover to prevent debris or dirt from falling into the water; this will also save you from vacuuming your pool very often.

You must know that your pool will still need frequent vacuuming to prevent any algae from forming on the walls.

If you notice that the water in the pool appears cloudy, then it is a sign that the pool needs to be vacuumed.

Here is Process of Perfectly Using Pool Vacuum

Firstly you will have to remove leaves and bugs by using a rake.

Clean the skimmer basket if feel it needs to be cleaned. You must make sure that the water is able to go past the filter, after that, you must switch on the pump.

Put all the parts inside the pool, then extend till the head of the vacuum goes right pool bottom.

Put the pole into position so that you can reach the return outlet of the water. Make sure that the hose is filled with water, place one hand firmly on the pole to stop the head floating on the surface.

Keep priming your hose till it is filled with water and no bubbles.

Maintain a steady position in order to see the pool very clearly. Move the head of the vacuum over the area you wish to clean.

Make sure the head is always under the water so you do not lose the prime. Keep using the vacuum until the surface of the above ground pool is clean.

Types of Pool Vacuums

Robotic Vacuum

This vacuum is really popular and is widely used by most pool owners. This is very easy to use and it does not require constant supervision.

These vacuums are able to clear the pool of debris whether it is leaves or sand. The vacuum is able to propel itself on the steps, sides, and bottoms of the pool; the scrubbing performed by the vacuum is very impressive.

Pool Vacuum with the Pressure Side

These pumps are able to collect big debris, the vacuum uses water pressure to skim the surface and it also sucks any debris into a collection bag.

The vacuum is designed to collect big debris and so it tends to miss out on the dirt which is collected into a filter.

The vacuum is available with an additional booster pump; experts recommend booster pumps to achieve better performance. These pumps cost a lot less than the robotic pumps.

Vacuums with Suction

These pumps not only provide great results but they cost a lot less than the other types, this vacuum is totally automatic and is highly user-friendly.

The vacuum is compatible with your old filtration system. The suction provided by the pump will allow the vacuum to move smoothly within the pool picking up debris.

You must make sure that the filtration system and pump are not weak since you will be removing debris you will have to change the filter very often.

You can always tweak the settings on the pump to make the vacuum compatible.

The Final Word on Pool Vacuums

The pools above ground do not need too much of maintenance but you will still need to do your bit to keep them clean.

A vacuum for such pools will surely help you keep the water clean at all times.

These pool vacuums are available in a wide price range and can cost about $3000 depending on the model you buy. Many people do not understand the importance of cleaning their pools, but it is very unhealthy to swim in a dirty pool.

Initially, there will be a lot of hiccups on trying to figure out how to use the skimmer and filter, it may sound like a chore but you will get the hang of things within a short time. Keeping your pool clean is not a tough thing to do actually.

You simply have to spend the time and effort in cleaning it on a regular basis.

You can hire professionals to do it but that will cost you a lot of money. You can simply buy a pool vacuum for above ground pool and you are good to go.

Make sure that you buy a vacuum from a reputed brand, this way you will rest assured that you are buying products of good quality.

Whether it is a manual vacuum or automatic vacuum you must buy one to keep your pool clean at all times.

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