Splash Pools Round Pool Package Reviews

Above ground pools are the latest trend setter and a relief to many swimmers across the world. It has to be added that these pools require less maintenance in comparison to in ground pools. One more thing that has to go in its favor is that they are children safe, can be easily installed and of course can be managed in an effortless manner. In this line of discussion mention has to be made about Splash Above Ground Round Pool Package has become a bestseller among the more permanent solutions to an above ground pool. This is no doubt a top rated above ground pool but you might not want to move it around once it is setup. Preparation and setting up is considerably more elaborate with this pool package compared to the other less complicated Intex Metal Frame pools. Yet this pool gives a look of luxury and elegance which the other cheaper varieties fall short of. Let us find out what makes these pools so special that has caught up everyone’s fancy. Splash Pools Round Pool Package Reviews   yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Splash Pools Round Pool Package Reviews

Something more about the Splash round frame pool

Most of these round swimming pools are easy to assemble and once the set up is complete they can be comfortable like any other regular swimming pool. The Splash Pool package is very durable and takes a considerable amount of time to setup. Users looking for a more permanent option for an above ground pool which will require less manuevering should opt for the Slash Pool packages. The best part about these pools is that they come in various shapes and sizes. You are free to choose the one that best suits your requirement or your yard. Rumor has it that even the smallest one is well accommodating and can be used for a refreshing swim. In general a Splash Pools Above Ground Round Pool comes in various shapes like:

  • 18 Feet by 52 Inch
  • 24 Feet by 52 Inch
  • 27 Feet by 52 Inch
  • 30 Feet by 15 Feet by 52 Inch
  • 33 Feet by 18 Feet by 52 Inch
  • 45 X 18 X 52

Splash Pools Round Pool Package Reviews  

A few of the features:

The above discussion shows that Splash Pools can serve you in the best possible ways with their different dimensions. Some of the prominent features of these pools have been talked about in details in here:

  • Design – It comes with a strongly painted and hot-dipped 7 inches galvanized steel ledge. This certainly makes the product long lasting and it is very true that this is one of those above ground pools that will serve for life. There are no doubts that these pools not only look good but are designed with state of the art technology. This means these can be put up without much of a problem.


  • Filter – Now this is what we say makes it different from the rest of the flock. It comes with a big sand filter of 1 horse power that is undoubtedly easy to maintain over the cartridge ones. This is another reason why investing in this pool is a good idea.


  • Installation – To be honest it is not at all an easy task to install a pool in your backyard, let alone an above the ground one. However the manufacturer has made it easy by providing a step by step video of the installation procedure. This makes the whole process trouble free to some extent. Usually it takes around 2 days to get the pool set up and running for swim.


  • Supplies – Not to mention that this package consists of some good quality above ground pool supplies like an enduring vinyl liner that extends to 20 gauge. It also comprises of resin ladder to access the pool with ease along with a safety barrier, 1 HP pump, motor and a Thru-the-Wall skimmer. We recommend you research some more on our pool ladder reviews to go for a sturdier one.


  • Support and warranty – The manufacturer is so confident about the quality of this product that they have a 15 year pool warranty and a free lifetime of customer support. What more can you ask for?


  • Maintenance – Yes you heard us, Splash Pools are low on maintenance provided you keep a check on them. Like avoiding it getting rusted by painting it with rust proofing etcher or primer and also supporting the blocks well to keep it balanced. It is true that above ground pool maintenance can really become a painless task if you keep it well managed. We recommend you keep an eye on our tips and trick of pool maintainence at Above Ground Pool 101.


  • Reasonable – Another point that makes these pools so popular is their pricing being so reasonable. With the advent of online merchants things have become more competitive and people can now easily buy these products at discounted prices.

Splash Pools Round Pool Package Reviews   yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Splash Pools Round Pool Package Reviews

More about the Pros

We have already talked so much about the Splash Pools Above Ground Round Pool Package Reviews that we needed to record things that make it a favorable product. A few of the many things that make it a great buy are as follows:

  • Durability
  • More of a permanent solution
  • Low on maintenance
  • Easy to install with the video
  • 15 years warranty of pool
  • Children safe
  • Removable staircase for ease of access
  • Structural foam resin ladder
  • Sand filter
  • Reasonably priced
  • Quality products
  • Long lasting

Cons of the product

Nothing is perfect in this world and Splash Pools are no exception to this and what most people dread is the installation. Now that the manufacturers have provided a DVD, hope this has been sorted out a bit for some at least. Another objection that we get to hear is that these pools are big (or should we say spacious) enough!

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Advantages of Splash above ground pools There are many advantages of using these pools like they are not fixed as an inground pool. Unlike theother cheaper options one can attach a pool deck to the Splash round pool to give it a luxurious look. Again there are many more factor that make investing in one quite valuable, like:

  • These are more cost effective alternatives to the overtly priced in ground pools
  • If space is a problem then these pools can be your savior
  • This is more of a permanent solution
  • They are great headache savers as the installation is quite smooth
  • Less maintenance is yet another point that makes these pools worth a try
  • Low water usage
  • These pools are safe especially for children
  • These may look compact but are equally spacious
  • Saves you from paying higher taxes like is the case with in ground pools

  Why should you invest in Splash above ground Pool Package?   We would answer this as if you really like swimming outdoors and want to spend quality time your loved ones, then this is a good way to do so. You can show that you care for your family and most definitely the family time by installing a Splash above the ground pool. Moreover if you have kids in your family you will quite obviously like to hang around with them or throw a pool party for them. You can enjoy all the benefits of a pool minus the maintenance of an in ground pool.  


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Quick tips

A word of advice for you before installing a Splash above the ground pool would be:

  • Look for a leveled surface or you can level the ground before installing
  • Decide your budget and then invest in one
  • Research and read our Splash Pools Above Ground Pool Package Reviews along with Pool Accessories and Pool Supplies reviews
  • Take installation cost into account once you get the pool of your dreams
  • Find the right combination of filter and above ground pool pump for smooth filtration
  • Choose the pool keeping your backyard in mind

Our final words on Splash Pools Above Ground Round Pool Package Reviews would be to say that they can serve you a lifetime. We recommend the use of above ground pool solar heater so that you keep up with your swimming quest even during the winter months and conserve energy at the same time. Our verdict goes into their favor as these pools are sturdy and can serve you longer in comparison to the others. We made a lot of research and ground work in providing the reviews. Our sole aim is to help you make an informed decision before you spend your money on an above ground pool. If you find this review helpful then do like our Facebook page as that will help you get more information along with the latest deals on various Above Ground Pool Supplies and Above Ground Pool Accessories. You would also get to connect with other Pool users and engage with them to find answersto similar issues which pool users face. Moreover we would like you to share ideas, opinions and views in regards to these above ground pools whenever you like. Feel free to contact us and comment on the posts if you like reading them.