Samoan 18 X 52 steel Above Ground Pool Review

If you are willing to spend your time with your family and friends in a real large above ground pool that is spacious enough to accommodate all the members in your list, then Samoan 18×52 steel made above ground pool can be the ultimate choice for you. It has the sturdiest structural construction which comes in affordable price. The main attraction of this pool which distinguishes it from all other pools is that it has thick gauge galvanized steel to provide heavy duty structure. In case of inferior quality pools, there is lack of strength between the parts of a pool which consequently results in twisting and warping. Here, in case of Samoan 18×52 above ground pool, this is something you should not worry about. Because, all parts of the pool frame feature rolled edges which in turn ensure that there is no sharp edges when assembling or playing around in the pool with your family or friends. The finishing of this pool is an example of superior craftsmanship. Its 52 inches depth assures that you and the other members can relax stretching the entire body without getting curled. This maximizes the comfort level you share for the time being when you spend your time in this pool. It also has a subtle swirl pattern. The galvanized coating has a special process of seven layered deposition using zinc and aluminium under-coatings surrounded by scratch and corrosion resistant baked-on steel finish. This pool also has beautiful resin seat covers which gives it a modernized look as well as a protective bend to the pool frame.The extra wide top rails and fully supportive uprights provide a rugged structure which withstand many years of active usage. The sidewall pattern is also very attractive and it combines with the decorator resin seat caps which gives it a deluxe upscale look. Since, Samoan above ground pool has such an appealing sidewall, you do not have to build an above ground pool deck around the pool to keep everything looking neat and clean around your home.

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The subsidiary components provided along with this pool are also very attractive. The A-frame flip-up ladder is made of maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant resin. If you have kids, then this ladder ensures your kids would be having an absolute hassle free and safe time at the pool. The ladder includes a wide, non-skid platform which treads for a secure footing. Also, there is an explicit child-proof barrier under the ladder to prevent entrapment of any kind. This apart, the outside ladder flip ups and locks are there to prevent unwanted entries. The package of Samoan above ground steel pool also has sandman filter which keeps the pool crystal clear and delivers ages of trouble free services. The laterals of the filter provide an even flow through the sand bed to assure maximum filtration and shimmering clean water inside the pool. The top mount of the filter is multiport and it is provided for easy and quick backwashing.

This Samoan above ground steel pool does not have liner and pump supplied along with it. Hence, if you want to purchase the pool accessories separately, please visit this link.

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The DIY (Do It Yourself) manual which comes with Samoan above ground pool is also an added attraction for the customers. You do neither need anyone else to help you with for installation and setting up the pool, nor do you need any special tool to set it up. Complete installation manual will guide you all through.

Another attraction which comes with this pool package is its 30 years’ warranty. Even though this warranty is limited, still it vouches for this product’s durability and overall robustness. Replacement of various parts also becomes easier when longer tenure of warranty is there. Hence, before buying this pool, at least you will be having peace of mind that if anything does not work properly, the customer help would not keep you waiting for long to get the replacement, if any.

[1]. Samoan 18×52 Steel Above Ground Pool:

Key Features:

– Shape:
Oval or round
– Dimension:
18 feet x 52 inches
Accommodation: 12-to-15 persons
– External finish:
Robust extra wide 8″ top rails and heavy duty fully supporting 6″ uprights
– Internal finish:
A blue swirl standard gauge overlapped liner constructed with premium vinyl
– Supported by:Layers of ‘Protectoral’ on top rails and verticals and layers of ‘Protectoloc’ on walls
– Package contains:

(i) A separately supplied free chemical kit;
(ii) An 18 inch Sandman;

(iii) A standard pool maintenance kit;
(iv) An A-frame flip-flap ladder (capable of sustaining 330 lbs weight) to prevent entrapments;
(v) A pool care guide;
(vi) 30 year limited warranty.

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Samoan 18 X 52 steel Above Ground Pool ReviewSamoan 18 X 52 steel Above Ground Pool Review


  • It is easy to set up. No tools are required. Do-it-yourself guidelines are provided with the kit.
  • External finish has mid-grade steel and Star Galvin coating on the top of it.
  • Internal premium vinyl finish is supportivefor longer durability and for maintaining beautiful appearance throughout the year. There are also strong double-welded seams to withstand the pressure accumulated during winter season.
  • Multiple layers of ‘Protectoral’ and ‘Protectoloc’ on the top of rails, verticals and walls respectively help to protect the pool from catching rust or dilapidating from corrosions.
  • The sidewall pattern of this pool is so attractive combined with the decorator resin seat caps that you do not have to build an above ground pool deck around the pool to keep everything looking neat and clean around your home.
  • The free chemical kit (NY992) comes with a whole package of: 4 lbs 3″ chlorine tabs, 1 Qt. concentrated Algaecide, 1 lb bag with Chlor-Burst shock, 5 lbs pH enhancer, 6 lbs pH reducer.
  • The corrosion proof Sandman system includes: base, pump, filter tank, 6-position multiport valve, 3 feet tank connection base, clamps, fittings, gauge.
  • The pool maintenance kit contains: 3-piece tele pole, leaf skimmer, thermometer, vac hose, vinyl liner vacuum head, nylon wall brush, aqua-check test strips. Hence, no extra cost has to be borne by the customer for pool maintenance.
  • A warranty for whopping 30 years is an added attraction for the customers.No other brand of pool with similar budget comes with a warranty of such a long tenure.
  • The flip-flap ladder also comes with a 3 years warranty.


  • Even though the sand filter is constructed of polyethylene and it keeps the pool crystal clear, the sand bed is not that sturdy to ensure maximum filtration. The top mount multiport is supposed to provide quick back-washing, but it breaks down easily after few years of use.
  • This pool does not come with a liner and pump. Hence, the customer has to bear the extra cost to purchase these accessories separately.
yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Samoan 18 X 52 steel Above Ground Pool Review

Customer Reviews:

Samoan 18×52 Steel above ground pool has 4 stars out of 5 in Amazon’s official website as reviewed by the users (click here to see). Almost all the users who have bought this product are satisfied with its durability and service. They have also praised the customer support and are overwhelmed with 30 years’ warranty feature. They have also mentioned that this pool has greater longevity in comparison with other pools of similar sort. But at the same time, some people have pointed out the problem with the Sandman system. The filtration system does not work properly for a longer tenure of time. Also, the top mount multiport becomes dysfunctional quite soon. Few users have also complained about the fact that this pool does not come witha liner and pump inside the package. Hence, extra cost has to be borne by the customers. But overall rating is good considering the services this pool provides with.