Intex Rainbow Ring Pool: Best Inflatable Pool for Kids

Here’s what people are saying about Intex Rainbow Ring Pool: Best Inflatable Pool for Kids Some parents are scared of letting their kids take a dip and others want them to enjoy it. Seems you belong to the second category as you have reached this post in order to inflatable pool reviews. In that case mention has to be made about the Intex Rainbow Ring Pool: Best Inflatable Pool for Kids that actually can serve as one of the best inflatable pools for kids. Why so? Let us find out more about this in details to get a proper understanding of this above ground pool type.

Features of the Intex Rainbow Ring PoolBenefits of Intex Rainbow Ring

As far as the features of this pool are concerned we should start with the brand name that stands behind it. That is true because a name like Intex should be more than enough to make you take a call. This is company had been into the recreation industry for a long time. They are well adept at manufacturing innovative products like the Intex Rainbow Ring Pool that has an array of features like:

  1. Safe – Taking a cue from the above point Intex brings the finest of products that are super safe to use. One in discussion is certainly one of the safest products that the house of Intex has ever manufactured. The built is sturdy and the sides hold their guard by net letting them fall. Yes it is safe for kids even with a slide and water sprayer!


  1. Easy to install – It is really an effortless task to install the Intex Rainbow Ring Pool because there is not much to do. You can do it all by yourself or get professional help if you prefer it that way. You connect it to a garden hose and let it fill. That is correct it is as easy as this and it can’t get better. Just make sure of one thing that you put it up in a secured place that is free of anything that can cause a puncture.


  1. Low maintenance – Again Intex ensures that its products are of the highest quality but require the least of maintenance. Likewise this pool is no exception to this rule as it really requires less of your work to keep it maintained.


Benefits of Intex Rainbow Ring

There are quite a lot of benefits of the Intex Inflatable pool that no wonder comes with any other Intex product. Nonetheless this is a unique product that needs special mention because of its manifold uses. For example 2 years and above can enjoy their summers in the pool. They can keep cool in the summer with bright colors that make it more attractive. Additionally the water slide, ring toss and the water sprayer make it quite an enjoyable thing for the little tykes. The best part is about the asking price that is really reasonable from a top notch manufacturer like Intex. Another exciting thing about this pool is that you can turn into a ball and let your little one enjoy it all the more during the off season!


  • Real fun for kids
  • Kids can enjoy summer outdoors but under your supervision
  • Is light in weight
  • Comes with balls and rings to add more fun to it
  • Bright colors make it lively
  • It has a water sprayer that can be attached to a garden hose that makes it exciting
  • Can be inflated and deflated quite easily
  • Easy to install
  • Use of PVC vinyl makes it highly durable
  • Affordably priced


The biggest problem lies in draining the 110 gallons of water that cannot be done by hand for sure. Yes this pool lacks a drainage system which could have been of use as it becomes a tedious job to drain it by hand for sure. Another thing that needs special mention is that this inflatable pool cannot be blown by mouth. One more truth would be to say that if you children over 5 years then it may turn out to be a spoiler and undoubtedly the Intex Easy Set Pool could be a possible solution for them. One word of advice while using the the Intex Rainbow Ring Pool: Best Inflatable Pool for Kids especially for under 5 year olds would be to lay some caution into it. You need to be vigilant while they take a dip as toddlers can be really fussy. Other than it is quite a product to put your trust into and if taken care by all proper means, it can last you long without a doubt. Nonetheless with a water sprayer, water slide, ring toss game and wading the pool, this is certainly the product for your toddler!

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