Above Ground Pool Costs

The Biggest question one comes across while deciding on whether or not to Purchase an Above Ground Pool is the question that ‘How much does an Above Ground Pool Costs?’

Most of us like to research to find out about cheap swimming pools or budget pools.

We also look around to learn more about Above Ground Pools for Sale and Cheap Above Ground Pools to make sure we’re getting budget pools.

This Article will acknowledge all such doubts and pain points related to Above Ground Pool Cost and all the related information like Above Ground Pool Installation Cost and how to find Discount Above Ground Pools.

Above Ground Pool vs Inground Pool

When people think about investing in swimming pools, they often only consider Inground pools.

Most people have not considered getting a pool for their backyard.

But since this post is mainly related to addressing budget pools, no question the pool will always stand victorious.

On average, the Inground pool costs around $40,000 – $50,000.

Whereas an Above Ground Pool Costs around $3000 – $5000 on an average.

So in totality, the amount of money one invests in a swimming pool can easily be used to buy a cheap above ground pool as well as bear the above ground pool installation cost.

In fact, the complete above ground pool package can be purchased including the cost of above ground pool with deck.

Above Ground Pool Cost Factor

The Cost of Above Ground Pool depends on several factors like Size, Budget, Location, Space, and Requirement.

The cost of pools includes pool Installation cost, maintenance cost and pool kit that comes with the purchase.

The Quality and Size of the pool will have a price implication. Budget and cheap pools are not as long-lasting as High Quality Above Ground Pools.

Complete pool Packages include installation cost which involved extra labor cost required for ground preparation, ground leveling, tree removal, and sand spreading. These are the vital directions needed to be followed by professionals to install any pool.

Pool Size vs Cost

Above ground pool, the cost is vastly determined on the shape and design of the pool.

There are three sizes in which you can choose above ground pool packages – Round, Oval, and Rectangular.

The most common choice in lowering the cost of pools or looking for budget pools is to choose round shaped pools. Those are the best for individuals, couples and nuclear families.

If the requirement for cheap above ground pools is to perform water activities and games like volleyball, basketball or even swimming, then buying an oval above ground pool is the best bet.

The rectangular above ground pool is mainly for bigger families and a gathering of friends or casual pool parties. They are the best for the utilization of any backyard space.

Round12 ft$1200
Round15 ft$1700
Round18 ft$3000
Oval24 ft x 12 ft$2500
Oval30 ft x 15ft$3300
Oval33 ft x 18 ft$3500
Oval41 ft x 21 ft$4500


Above Ground Pool Maintenance

Above Ground Pool costs include a major portion of maintenance.

Only buying cheap above ground pools isn’t enough, but one has to maintain it to keep the pool long-lasting along with healthy and safe for use.

1) Pool Skimming

The above ground pool has to be skimmed on a regular basis to cleanse it from leaves, dirt, insects and pool debris. Skimming the above ground pool daily will help to maintain the pool filters and keeping the pool clean from contaminated water.

Cost of Skimmer – $7 to $12

Cost of Automatic Skimmer – $19 to $25

above ground pool skimmers

2) Cleaning Pool Using Pump

The pool skimmer cannot keep all parts of the pool safe from dirt and clogging. Hence, the purchase of a pool pump is an absolute necessity.

The pump filter may need replacement once a year depending upon its usability.

If the filter of the pump is clogged, the above ground pool’s water will be unsafe for usage as the pump may stop working.

Cost of Pump – $150 to $200

above ground pool pumps

3) Deep Clean

After pool installation and usage, it is often seen that Debris is formed on the sides and the ground or bottom of the pool. To clean this, a soft-bristled pool brush is needed.

Cost of Pool Brush – $7 to $15

Pool Cleaning Brush

4) Water Testing

To maintain crystal clear and healthy water, regular water testing is required. Preferably twice or thrice a week, the water in the pool needs to be tested on pH and sanitizer.

Pool Water Tester

Cost of Digital Water Tester – $12 to $40

Digital Water Tester

5) Chemicals

The above ground pool water needs to have a proper balance of Chlorine and other chemicals in order to optimize the water safety levels.

For this purpose, the best solution is to use Chlorine Tablets. These tablets clean the pool free from bacteria by slowly dissolving in the water and releasing chlorine.

Cost of Chlorine Tablets – $19 to $60

Chlorine Tablets

The Yearly cost for maintaining an above ground pool can be around $250 on an average.

Some may also opt for monthly above ground pool maintenance services by professionals which could cost between $70 to $150 on an average.

A well maintained above ground pool can last between 7 to 15 years.

Step-by-Step Pool Construction

Step 1: Permit

After you have chosen which pool to buy from all the budget pools, clearance swimming pools, and cheap pools, the first and foremost thing to do is to get the permit for installing the pool.

To avoid any future troubles with pool installation, search for the local office who deal with swimming pool installation.

You will need to fill out an application with the details about your swimming pool. The office will send over a surveyor who will make sure that your location suits all the necessary requirements for installing an above ground pool.

After the construction permit is received, you may go ahead with the installation process of the pool.

Step 2: Site Selection

Once the construction permit for installing the pool is received, you have to finalize the location for the pool installation.

Once the pool is constructed it will be less likely to shift the place, so the backyard can be an ideal place for a pool. The privacy factor of the location is another thing to consider.

Step 3: Site Preparation

After the location for pool installation is finalized, the first step is to mark the area. The dimensions of the pool need to be marked to make sure the site is properly prepared.

The second step for site preparation while installing a pool is removing the sod. The ground for installing the pool needs to be clear and level for which the surface of the ground with grass needs to be cleared off.

Next, we come to level the ground for pool installation. The entire site needs to be leveled equally before the actual above ground pool installation begins.

Step 4: Installation Process

The first thing to consider is the Drainage option. Before framing the pool, mark the drainage area that supports seamless water transfers.

Build the foundation of the swimming pool by placing the blocks which are essentially stones or patio blocks.

The next step is to assemble the pool walls. Follow the pool’s perimeter wall to ensure the pool is being assembled as per the shape. Connect the walls using nut and bolts.

Finally, the gaps between the walls and the ground need to be filled. Level the inside soil of the above ground pool again.

Step 5: Linear Installation

Linear forms the base of a pool. It is basically a cover made of vinyl which is used to hold the water inside the framework of the pool.

Avoid any air bubbles to form in between the vinyl cover and the ground of the swimming pool. Try to ensure there are no wrinkles or ripples and that the vinyl is attached as perfectly as possible without wear and tear.

Step 6: Technical Installations

Some arrangements for providing electricity to the pool is needed. In order for the pool pump to work and to add pool lighting, an electrical outlet is a must.

Then after the electrical requirements are taken care of, next comes to the pool pumping system.

Pump and filter systems sometimes need professional assistance to install.

But is of utmost importance as the pool pump and filters remove debris and control the chlorine in the swimming pool.

Step 7: Framing the Pool

One of the final stages while installing a pool is assembling the framework. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for this process.

Make sure the shape and roundness of the pool stays intact throughout the framing process of the above ground pool.

Take the help of a professional if required or protect yourself using proper equipment and gear. 

Step 8: Fill up the Pool

Now the above ground pool is finally ready to be filled with water.

Before that, carry out an inspection to make sure everything including electricity, pump and filter are properly installed to make sure the budget pool works efficiently.

Start filling the pool with clean uncontaminated water to the brim.

Additional Step: Add Ons

Feel free to add extra features and accessories to the above ground pool like ladders, lights, landscaping and safety equipment.

Additional Step: Above Ground Pool DIY

An Inground swimming pool has limited and almost permanent solutions when it comes to decorating and landscaping the pool area.

The pool provides more options for decorating your backyard and one can easily improvise on the designs ideas and give the above ground pool a unique look.

Advantages of Above  Ground Pool

1) Budget Pools

Cheap above ground pools are a great option for families and individuals looking for budget pools.

The pool comes in various budget ranges provided by different brands who do not compromise on quality or look and feel. Cheap swimming pools have overtaken inground pools in terms of affordability and budget.

2) Hassle-Free Installation

Installing an above ground pool is much easier and less time consuming than a normal swimming pool.

The pool packages provide instruction manuals that help one to install and construct a pool with little to no knowledge.

Professional help is also readily available to which adds up a minimal amount to the pool installation costs.

3) Variety of Options

The pool is available in various shapes and sizes that almost fit the needs of all types of outdoor spaces and backyards.

This gives the buyer a lot of choices and alternatives to fulfill the desires of having a perfect swimming pool.

4) Transferability

One of the biggest advantages of owning a pool is the fact that it can be moved from house to house.

In case of an inground pool, shifting your house or changing homes means leaving the pool behind with it’s new owners.

That is not the case when it comes to pools. It can easily be dismantled just the way it was and reassembled in its new home.

5) Easy Maintenance

In comparison to other swimming pools, the above ground pools come with the ease of maintenance and repair.

Since all its accessories and parts are easily accessible, the budget pool is easier to sustain for a long period of time. This, in turn, saves up the cost for repair and cleaning.


Best Sellers


The List of 3 Bestselling Pools on Amazon
Intex Ultra Frame PoolSummer Waves Elite Wicker Print PoolColeman Lay-Z Spa Hot-Tub
Shape : Round & RectangleShape : RoundShape : Round
Sizes :

Intex 16 feet diameter (Round)
Intex 18 feet diameter (Round)
Intex 22 feet diameter (Round)
Intex 18 X 9 Feet Pool (Rectangle)
Intex 24 X 12 Feet Pool (Rectangle)
Intex 32 X 16 Feet Pool (Rectangle)
Sizes :

16 Feet x 48 inches
18 Feet x 48 inches
20 Feet x 48 inches
22 Feet x 52 inches
24 Feet x 52 inches
71 inches x 26 inches
Features :

Easy to Setup & Dismantle

Durable Steel Frames

Ultra Strong laminated PVC Side Walls
Features :

External finish: Wicker design of a Dark Colour

Internal finish: Thick high quality linear
Built: Strong durable steel

Weight: 257 pounds
Features :

Affordable Spa Experience

Digital Control Panel

I-Beam construction
Review : 4.2 / 5 starsReviews : 3.6 / 5 starsReviews : 4 / 5 stars


Pool Add-Ons

1) Pool Lights

If you are one who loves to take a plunge into the pool during evenings or maybe just dips your feet into the water after dinner at night, then the first add-on you should get is a pool light.

There are an array of options to choose from starting from halogen lights to LED lights to convertible lights and even underwater lights.

Find out more here : https://www.abovegroundpoolreviews.com/above-ground-pool-accessories-3/above-ground-pool-lights/

2) Pool Cover

Contrary to pool lights which may or may not be included in your accessories list, the above ground pool cover is a must.

A pool cover not only protects the pool water from falling leaves, extreme sunlight or harsh weather conditions but also provides protection from algae, bugs along with keeping the water temperature intact for a swim.

Choose which pool cover fits your needs the best in our Pool Cover Review section.

3) Pool Ladder

In order for one to climb up to the pool, above ground pool ladders are useful.

These pool ladders are easy to install, some can be rolled up and locked when not being used, and their heavy build-ups can easily carry up to 300 – 400 lbs of weight.

The ladders come with an easy set of instructions which makes installation simple and undemanding. They also look stylish adding to the overall decor of the budget pool and come with an affordable range.

Take a look at the best-selling above ground pool ladders in our Pool Ladder Review section.

4) Pool Goggles

If you intend on having a clear underwater vision while swimming, then pool goggles could be something worth investing.

These are not just goggles to provide an anti-blurred vision but also anti-glare which protects your retina against harmful UV rays.

The swimming pool goggles come with an adjustable head-strap which is useful to make sure it fits the head correctly in order to prevent water leakage.

Other features include silicon cushions, anti-fog coating and anti-shatter lenses amongst others.

Choose from the Top 5 swimming Goggles in our Swimming Goggles Review section.

5) Pool Alarms

Above Ground pools are an absolute must for families with kids and babies.

In order to ensure the safety of the kids and make the pool child-friendly, pool alarms should be one of the basic and foremost pool accessories to consider.

Pool alarm installations are to be done manually and once the setup is done the alarm is always in ‘alert’ mode. Batteries for the above ground pool alarm last for a year and some pool alarms also come with a 1-year warranty.

Figure out which suits your need in our Child and Safety Alarm Review section.

Pool Desing Innovations (DIYs)

So far we have covered all the elements related to pools cost, including aspects of purchasing cheap pools, budget pools and discussed details of installation cost.

We have also gone through the difference in cost factors between a swimming pool for sale that is an inground pool and above ground swimming pools for sale.

But still many people opt for inground pools because of the look and beauty factor.

They spend almost 3x more than a pool cost, because they want to give their backyard a look that makes it difficult for people to take their eyes off.

So, in this section, we’ll be solving that problem and taking care of that demand as well.

The Best DIY project one can do in their backyard is redecorating their pool.

Here are some ideas to help your creative mind generate some weekend family tasks :

1) Pathway and Border

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to decorate the landscape of your pool is to create a walkway and a border around the pool.

The border needs to be at least a foot away from the bottom of the pool. Stones, concrete and decorative rocks can be used.

A pathway leading to the pool not only adds to the beautification of the backyard but also prevents people from walking on the grass and ruining it.

Patio stones can be a good option for the steps.

pool pathways

2) Lighting

The pool can absolutely stand out with a little addition of lighting to the decor of the landscape.

You can do this by adding lights to the pool’s pathway, some surrounding the border and some can also be added to the top of the deck or the frame of the pool. pool lighting ideas

3) Deck

To increase your pool’s overall functionality, value and attractiveness, one of the best above ground pool DIYs can be to build a Deck.

It requires more planning and work than building a pathway or adding lighting but the work sure pays off with the final look.

Building a staircase makes the budget pool looks classy and the deck provides a place for leisure without having the necessity to swim all the time.

pool deck ideas

So this is the end of this 2600+ word long guide on Above Ground Pool Cost, Pricing, and much more.

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