Guide on Buying Above Ground Pool

It’s summertime and swimming pools are going to the most crowded place in the city…

…so why not have your own above ground pool at the comfort of your house or let’s say yard.

With the introduction of above ground pools in the market, summers have become more fun and enjoyable.

Pool companies have come up with really smart and innovative pools designs and ideas for all of us. They provide you with cheap and best solutions.

They are the best alternative to in-ground swimming pools. In-ground pool installations are also quite expensive and time-consuming whereas installing above ground pools is quite hassle-free.

With the variations in designs, shapes, and sizes it is very easy to get confused and make a wrong choice while buying the pool.

Thus, we are here to guide you through the entire process so that you can make your choice with ease:

What Kind of Pool Will Suit You?

As we’ve already discussed that there are enormous options available when it comes to swimming pools let us discuss the kind of pool which is best suited for you.

If you want to cut short all the time and hard work which takes to assemble the pool parts you can opt for a metal framed pool.

They are equipped with soft vinyl liner or PVC with the help on an inflatable ring which helps in lifting up the walls of the pool. They also hold water efficiently.

best above ground pool personality types

Now that you’ve decided that you’re going for an above ground pool, we shall now discuss when should you get it.

Swimming pools do not have the same price all around the year. The prices of the pools can get high or low from time to time.

If buying a swimming pool is on your wish list make sure you buy it in winters as the cost of swimming pools tend to be quite low during that time.

The best time to buy an above ground pool is October to March.

Buying a pool during that time will help you save a lot of money which you can spend in buying other things like a pool deck and so on.

While you buy the pool during the winters you need to have enough storage space to keep them as they cannot be used during the winters.

above ground pools

Does the pool shape matter to people? Well, let’s dive deep into it and find out.

Pool shapes do not seem to have any particular effect on people, neither the enjoyment is any less with the change in the shape of the pool.

The only thing that matters is the taste of the buyer.

It could be an oval pool or around the pool. It all depends upon the buyer’s choice. Usually, a swimming pool store comes with three shapes of pools.

They are round, oval and rectangular but if you do not like these three shapes you can go for a square or an oblong pool.

They might be a bit difficult to get but if luck is on your side you’ll surely get them as well. Rectangular shaped pools are good for them who want to have a work out session in the water.

In other cases where the sole motive of the pool is only to have fun, the shape does not really matter.

Since we’ve discussed enough the shape of the pool, let us now talk about the size of the pool. How big a pool should you get?

One simple strategy to determine the size of the pool is to simply decide the number of people you want to have in your pool.

If you’re among those who party frequently and are extremely social then you must opt for large above ground pools whereas if you are a simple person who is a family man then you can go for a petite and small swimming pool which is just enough for you small family. The size of the pool depends completely on your needs as well as your personality.

Now that we are done with the basics, let us now come to the more serious part:

Pool Liners

A liner is an important fact while you purchase your pool. The swimming pool liners protect the walls and the floors from leaking.

They increase the durability of the pool and prevents it from damage. It also holds water in its place. It is solely the liner which prevents leakage. Thus, always opt for a pool which has the most reliable liner.

To check an array of choice for Liners Click Here

There are a lot of materials which can be used to built your on ground pools. Let’s discuss about some of the very common materials used in building a pool.

It is very important to check the material which is used to build the pool you’re going to buy.

You surely wouldn’t like to buy a pool which has leaked areas or isn’t sturdy enough.

To make the right choice you need to have a piece of proper knowledge of the different kinds of materials used to build above the ground pools.

Some common materials are:

1) Steel Pools

Steel is a very strong material and can be considered as one of the best materials for building swimming pools above ground.

Some swimming pools are also built using more than one materials or are a combination of different materials.

The plates of the pools act as a stabilizer. The steel is coated heavily with zinc, aluminum or any other galvanized material to prevent it from rusting.

2) Resin Pools

Above ground swimming pool constructed with resin do not corrode or rust. They are also resistant to warping and denting. They are both innovative and stylish with incredible endurance.

3) Hybrid Pools

Hybrid swimming pools have an advantage over resin and steel pools. Not only are these pools durable but also effective.

4) Optimum Pools

Optimum pools are by far the best material used for pools. They’re sturdy, strong and long-lasting.

There is a variety in the pool installation options and are available in a number of shapes and sizes.

Well now comes the time for the game-changer. Guess what it could be? Yes, you got it right. It’s the BRAND!

Buying the right swimming pool needs a lot of research and knowledge but the key aspect of the research is the brand.

If you get the brand right, you’re sure to buy the right pool.

A good brand will always provide you with a good product. If you opt for Bestway or Intex pools then you’re sure to make the right purchase.

Another reason why you should go for a brand cause you’re more likely to get the various above ground pool accessories which aren’t available for all brands.

Good brands also provide you with much-needed help and assistance.

Do not forget the Extraass! Be sure to get them as well 🙂

Buying a swimming pool is already a great achievement but your work isn’t complete if it isn’t accompanied with other necessary things such as pool stairs, pool decks, pool lights, and other swimming pool accessories.

There are companies which go beyond conventions to woo their customers through various offers, so you could end up hitting a jackpot.

Worried about the limited space in your house? Guess what, We’ve got you covered as well 😉

To have a swimming pool it is first important to set a plan up as to where you are going to set the pool.

In case you have limited space, do not buy a big pool as it will be inconvenient to you as well as your family and will also be a waste of money.

If you’re planning to have an outdoor pool on a grassy land make sure that the grass is able to hold all the dampness which will cause during the time of installation.

We have already discussed the shapes of the pool but that will come into play only after the space of the pool is allotted. There are some swimming pool companies as well who design custom pools according to your needs.

small above ground pools

Never Go for Pools Without a Warranty

Each pool comes with its own warranty.

Before you buy a pool make sure that the warranty period provided by the company is long enough.

Do not mind if they’re a bit expensive but make sure the warranty period is satisfactory.

It is an important factor as you do not want to change your pool every other year. Things become more difficult if you buy big pools. In that case, changing it is not the option. Hence, go through the reviews and check the website of the manufacturer before you actually buy it.

limited warranty on pool


After going through all the points I’m sure buying an above ground swimming pool has turned out to be way easier for each one of you.

All you need to do is pay attention to those few simple points and rest will fall into place.

The variety of pools in the market is huge and you get numerous options to choose from. You could make your purchase both online as well as offline.

If you are making your purchase online you need to be sure of the fact that they’re really good. Read the reviews well before you buy it and choose a trustworthy website.

In our opinion, is by far the most reliable online store in the present times.



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